Available courses

This is a short course on Medical Ethics in day to day practice. 

The course has been designed as a certificate course on Bio Medical Waste Management, focusing on the fundamentals of biomedical waste management (Definition, Types and Options) for biomedical waste management rules 2016, 

This course aims to introduce the basics of research methods 

Patient safety and quality 

The course describes the  advantages of e-learning, and its comparison with conventional methods.  

This course includes the reading materials and videos for learning the basics on e-learning. 

This course also helps in training themselves for creating the standard e-learning module. 

This course deals with Geriatrics 

THis is the course to learn how to speak local kannada!

This course is part of Final Year BPT program under RGUHS

This study aims to develop EPA for physiotherapy curriculum

This is a course on Surface Electromyography

This is a biomechanics course for Physiotherapy students

This course is a core module of Final BPT and deals with Physiotherapy in neurology

This course is delivered in the 2nd year of the Master of Physiotherapy in Community Physiotherapy program. Students enrolled for community physiotherapy elective are eligible to take this course.

This course is a platform for journal Club discussions and presentations of 1st MPT

Undergraduate Microbiology Course 

Pre-clinical e-Learning course for MBBS Students

Description of pain and its pathway 

This course deals with learning of physiological aspects of touch, temperature and propriception. Basic physiology like the receptors, its location and pathway are dicussed in this chapter.  There is a quick introduction to the 

Description on acid base balance 

Infection control and Patient safety is of utmost importance to prevent and reduce risks, errors and harm that occur to patients during provision of health care. All the stakeholder involved in providing healthcare should be trained to practice standard and uniform  guidelines across all areas of the hospital. A cornerstone of the discipline is continuous improvement based on learning from errors and adverse events. Making sure that healthcare providers record all patient safety and infection control education helps the entire healthcare team stay informed about the patient's care.

Radiotherapy is offering introductory course on teletherapy for first year post graduates in the beginning of the course

Restrictive and obstructive lung conditions 

Pediatric chart